Price List
Service Price (exc. VAT)
Full advice and attendance at a Police Station From £450 – £600
Type of hearing Magistrates Court
Price (exc. VAT)
Crown Court
Price (exc. VAT)
Guilty plea From £350 From £1000
Adjourned hearings From £450
Not guilty plea – Trial 1 day From £1000 From £2500
Each additional day at trial From £250 From £750
Appeal against sentence From £2000
Appeal against conviction From £2500

The fixed fees quoted above will apply in most cases, but we reserve the right to vary these charges if your matter, for example, becomes protracted, there are unforeseen issues that are raised, or the matter becomes complex. However, if your case is complex from the outset, we will provide a detailed estimate of your likely costs at our hourly rates.

Key stages and timescales

  • Initial client meeting
  • Arranging witness statements (if necessary)
  • Court procedure explanation
  • Preparatory work for the court hearing
  • Court attendance
  • Outcome discussion

Our Professionals

Dev Jummoodoo
Qualifications: LLB (Hons) and LLM – Solicitor Advocate

Area of Law practised Time Spent Experience
Hourly rate (exc.VAT)
Criminal Law 50% 10 years £250
Family Law 50% 10 years £250