No-Fault is now firmly on the horizon but remains distant

What is changing? The long-anticipated Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill 2020 concluded its passage through the House of Commons on… [Read More…]

June 23, 2020 By Rosewood Solicitors

Divorce Advice

From Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston, society today is obsessed with the fairy tale… [Read More…]

January 10, 2020 By Rosewood Solicitors

‘No Fault Divorce’ to Become the Law

Couples facing divorce will no longer have to point the finger to allocate blame in order to end their marriage…. [Read More…]

February 12, 2019 By Rosewood Solicitors

Top Tips when Faced with a Divorce

It is a fact of life that not all marriages or relationships are successful.  We are aware that divorce proceedings… [Read More…]

November 7, 2016 By Rosewood Solicitors